2022 Kitchen Trends In Australia

2022 Kitchen Trends In Australia

The latest trends in kitchen design aren’t all just about unique and personalised style. There have been some big changes to the way people are using their kitchens in 2022 and this article will explore the best of those trends – maybe you can find some inspiration?

Entertainment areas where guests can interact

The kitchen is no longer just a space to prepare food, it is the central hub of any dinner party or occasion. While kitchens have always been about functionality, more people are investing in larger, open spaces in 2022 where guests and family members can interact. One of the main, modern ideas born from this includes building your cooktop directly into your island so people can crowd around and watch the process – almost like having your own Teppanyaki restaurant at home.

Trends for kitchen islands changed significantly in 2022, including increasing the depth underneath so people have legroom and can sit on barstools. People have been rushing to emulate the breathtaking curved island that was unveiled by Daniel and Jade on the popular renovation television show The Block.

Breakfast nooks are back in fashion in a big way and some people are even including desks in their kitchen so children can do their homework or adults can work from home and still have a family atmosphere.

Dishwashers have been shunned

It almost sounds ridiculous, but kitchens are not being viewed as a place to clean anymore. This ties into the previous trend of turning your kitchen into an interactive entertainment space. It is a place to cook and enjoy food, not to clean.

So what are you going to do with all of those dishes? Clever cabinet makers (like the team at Large’s Furniture & Cabinet Makers) are creating space for the dishwasher in the walk-in pantry, so you can discretely get the dishes clean without it taking away from the focus of your kitchen space.

Brown And White Kitchen Design

Broken plan living

Broken plan living is all about using your space in a clever and effective way, carefully calculating the floor plan and designating each part to a certain facility or purpose. The use of split levels, semi-permanent partitions (like screens) and bookcases can make a large room appear separated and give those residing in it space from one another, whilst still retaining an open, spacious environment.

A benefit of this type of room is that it can turn a small, singular living space into one that is multifunctional. It can be customised, allowing you to play with colour coordination in different areas and include some unique furnishings in places that might not have originally worked. Every installation is yours to make unique. It’s also particularly useful if you occupy a small flat or studio as you can separate your cooking space from your sitting area without the use of a wall.

If your budget and space allow for it, mezzanine floors are an easy way to create a division between your relaxation space and your cooking space. Having the lower level contain your worktop and appliances, and the upper-level house your bed and sofa, can make the space feel bigger and more functional.

Variations in benches and countertops

Like the bathroom, the kitchen has always been a bit conservative – sometimes to the point of being sterile. Brown or white cabinets, white floors, white benchtops, whitegoods, are you yawning yet?

The New Year heralded a time of change and homeowners are renovating and building custom kitchens with a new sense of adventure. More people are going for ultra-thin countertops, which was unheard of in the past. Thick ones remain very much on-trend as well, but more people are putting in countertops that best suits their kitchen and sense of style.

Uniform colours are out as well and contrast is in. Mixing up blacks and browns with creams and whites on islands, countertops and the cabinets themselves is very much in vogue as the modern homeowner looks to take more risks in their kitchen space.

Kitchen With A White Marble Bar

Curved edges

When your kitchen is smaller, removing obtrusive pieces of equipment can make a huge difference. Taking away angular fixtures (like cupboards and countertops) and replacing them with rounded alternatives looks better on the eyes and also provides you with more space.

Just some of the fixtures that can come with curved edges now are cupboard doors, wall cabinets and countertops, as well as furniture items like dining tables. Even appliances, such as kettles and toasters, now utilise this standard, so if cohesion is important to you, you’ll be able to find plenty of matching appliances.

Not only are curved edges great at providing a contemporary kitchen aesthetic, but they are also brilliant at making your room safer. Falls and knocks against sharp edges can be more painful than those against rounded edges, so opting for a curved finish could also be the better option if you have young children and pets.

Green colours

For homeowners who love colour, incorporating a hue into the kitchen might be an important factor in the decorating process. In the last few years, green has soared in popularity due to its stylish appearance and close association with nature. When used properly, it can draw kitchen users into a space of tranquillity, helping them to cook better meals and even eat healthier as they reflect on foods which share the same shade as the one on their walls or cabinets.

The most popular shades for kitchens include sage and forest green, with both providing a different atmosphere. Picking the right one is crucial in creating your chosen mood and suiting the remainder of your décor but, thankfully, this is a versatile colour which goes well with predominantly white or paler rooms. This creates a stunning contrast which helps achieve a good light and dark ratio, creating an overall feeling of balance.

People are looking for more ornate, intricate and unique designs in their cabinet making as well. Vertical joins and woodgrain panels are very much on-trend along with reeded timber and glass fronts. Again, experimentation is very much the current theme here. Don’t be afraid to bring your big ideas to the team at Large’s Furniture & Cabinet MakersCall us on (07) 4922 1366 and our experienced cabinet makers will be able to bring your vision to life.