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Kitchen Designs in Rockhampton

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Kitchen Design from concept to Renovation

With a project portfolio as extensive as ours, you would expect that we have a highly refined design and building process. At Large’s we guarantee those expectations are met, accompanied by exceptional customer service, ensuring you a hassle-free experience every time! Our entire process, from initial contact and idea generation to the installation itself, has been optimised and streamlined over the years to give you the best possible results.

As qualified project managers, we have the capability to work directly with you as your principal contractors, quoting off plans and arranging additional tradesmen as necessary. Alternatively, we can complete work under the management of a building team of your choice. No matter how big or small your kitchen renovation is, we promise competitive quotes and outstanding workmanship. And we have rarely gone over schedule in more than 70 years’ of industry dedication!

Our Kitchen Design Process:

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1. Idea

We’ll visit you (wherever possible) or you can visit us at our factory to discuss your ideas in person, from the layout and colour scheme to the finer details of fittings etc. This can be as rough or specific as you like. The aim is simply to get to know you and start forming a mental picture of how you want the finished product to look and function.

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2. Sketch

Using our notes from the initial meeting, we’ll prepare a rough design as a starting point. Nothing’s locked in at this stage. This is simply your chance to get a feel for how things will look when completed.

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3. Discuss

Using your sketches as a base template, we’ll discuss all your options with you. We can now start refining the details, such as finishes and materials. We’ll take as much time as is needed to make sure you’ve had as much input as you want.

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4. Quote & Drawings

Once we’ve together decided on the parameters of the job, we’ll prepare a written quote. When you accept the quote, we’ll deliver our draftsman’s drawings, ready for manufacturing. If there are any more changes, now’s the time to let us know!

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5. Manufacture

We’ll custom-manufacture everything that needs to be built, and order any pre-built items. Everything is quality controlled before, during and after this process to ensure we’ve got the perfect fit.

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6. Install

Now it’s time for the installation. We’ll have arranged for all the necessary tradesmen, unless you have someone else in mind who you’ve worked with before. If there are other components (e.g. glass splashbacks or granite or reconstituted stone countertops) that can only be measured and fit after installation has started, we’ll fabricate or arrange them now.

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7. Completion

Congratulations, your project is finished! We’ll make sure everything’s cleaned up and ready for use before signing off and leaving you to enjoy the finished product.

A few things to consider for your Kitchen Design

Dealing directly with architects, designers, project managers and principal contractors, our communicative approach ensures everything goes to plan, from start to finish. 

We can quote directly from plans upon request. Where necessary, we can also provide detailed drawings and designs ourselves.

We are committed to doing everything in our power to meet your project in the scheduled time frame. We have more than 70-year track record of very rarely being late. You can rely on us to deliver your project on time and on budget.

We have extensive experience working in heritage-listed buildings, and will protect and preserve as many of the original heirloom materials as possible.

At the point when the vast majority consider a kitchen rebuild, they have a comparative item as a top priority, proficient evaluation treated steel apparatuses, rock ledges and a colossal island.

While there’s surely nothing amiss with this vision, it’s critical to remember that it isn’t your only criteria.

Instead of simply meeting business as usual, think about how your family will really utilise the kitchen.

Sufficient lighting is needed for various aspects of your kitchen. The last thing you need is to endeavour while squinting for all the more light.

Therefore, kitchen lighting is one of the most important features. Attempt to imagine yourself working in the space while thinking about where to include lighting.

Obviously, you’ll need to incorporate some light by the stove, close to the sink and over a kitchen island.

Custom kitchen cabinetry in a residential home in Rockhampton


How Do I Plan A New Kitchen Layout?

If you're planning a new kitchen layout, there's a few things to keep in mind. This includes thinking about where foot traffic will come through, keeping a comfortable distance between fixtures and appliances, spacing out bench-tops and kitchen islands and importantly, where the sinks will go. For more help planning a new kitchen, get in touch with us today.

What Shape Kitchen Is Best?

Kitchens come in a variety of shapes depending on the layout of your home and the previous kitchen design. The most popular kitchen layouts include the one-wall kitchen, L-shaped kitchens, and the U-shaped kitchens.

How Much Does Kitchen Design Cost?

The overall cost designing a kitchen will depend a few factors including initial consultation time, cost of developing renders and plans, and any ongoing management of the kitchen design. At Large's Furniture & Cabinet Makers, we know that redesigning a kitchen isn't a simple decision. That's why we offer comprehensive free quotes, so you can assess and compare—having the freedom to make decisions without the pressure of having to commit to a contractor.

If you are ooking to redesign your kitchen and are after some inspiration, read our Guide on the 4 kitchen layout ideas that work when redesigning a kitchen or contact us today for a free quote and advice.