Things To Consider Before Remodelling Your Kitchen

Things To Consider Before Remodelling Your Kitchen

Remodelling your kitchen is an exciting task, but one that can feel daunting. After all, the kitchen is the base of your home where you will end up spending a lot of time, so the last thing you want is to end up with a renovation you’re not happy with. Here is our top list of things to consider before remodelling your kitchen.

Ongoing Kitchen Remodeling


Your main starting point should of course be your budget, which is admittedly boring but necessary. Consider your monthly income, outgoings and savings. Decide how much you can realistically afford to put aside for a new kitchen, keeping in mind what new appliances and fixtures you will need and how much they are likely to cost. Once you have this planned out, you can start to materialise it.

Sourcing the kitchen

Next, you need to find a suitable place to purchase the things you want that fit this budget. Consider if you will go for tailored cabinetry or not, and who will measure up your kitchen and fit these. Source the best place for the appliances you need, not forgetting to ask if they can be installed for you or if you will have to do this yourself. Choose a time period when this can take place and evaluate the time frame, putting plans in place for when you may potentially be without a kitchen. Planning these things well in advance is the best option to make sure you aren’t left disappointed by things being out of stock or unsure how to move forward in the remodelling.

Storage and function

You may love a kitchen design you saw online, but does it match your space and your needs? When it comes to actually designing your new kitchen, it’s vitally important to think about storage. Take time to think about what the most efficient use of your existing space is, and where all of your appliances and crockery can go to take advantage of the room.

It’s well and good having the place to put them, but functionality is equally as important to think about; they should be easily accessible for when you need them. Think about how close your pans are to the oven for easy access, and if you can quickly grab a spatula when you need it. Consider things like if you want a social space like an island to eat at, or if you would prefer more cooking surfaces.


Having said all of that, having a stylish kitchen that fits in well with the rest of your home that you enjoy spending time in is equally as important. Don’t be afraid to mull over the different choices of cabinetry and benchtops available, including the different materials and colours and the benefits of each. Consider choosing a colour scheme that you can subtly implement or a vibe that you are after, such as bright, subtle, understated, or slick. This can help to guide your inspiration rather than launching in and looking at every available option.


Finally, don’t forget about the little details that can be easy to overlook amongst all of this excitement and bigger picture focus. Do you have enough electric outlets where they are needed? Have you considered the new flooring? Flooring should be safe for use as well as hardy and easy to clean while matching the kitchen itself. Speaking of cleaning, have you checked the maintenance guide for your benchtops? Have you chosen appropriate lighting that will brighten the room well, taking into account windows and dark spots? Be thorough with your planning – there’s no such thing as overthinking with a job as big as a kitchen renovation.

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