Tips to Consider When Designing A Custom Bar

Tips to Consider When Designing A Custom Bar

Is there a better way to entertain family and friends than with a custom bar that will allow you to entertain everyone and play the host? Not only can it be a great place to be, it can also become the hub of your room, so it has to be perfect. If you want designer furniture including bars and cabinets in Rockhampton, Large’s Furniture can help you to make the ideal custom bar. 

Choose The Best Location

Bars are not small, so it is vital that you find the right spot for this new feature. If you have been thinking about it for a while, you may already know where it is going, but you also need to think hard about features, including high-top bars or nearby seating, bathrooms nearby, access to water and electricity, and how many people your bar will accommodate. 

Think About Functionality

You are building the bar to serve a purpose, so you need to talk to Large’s furniture about the type of options you want to include, including draft beer supplies, ovens or microwaves for food, ice machines and soda siphons, and a dishwasher for all of your empty glasses. 

Find The Right Storage

You will also have to find a lot of places to put your different drinks, so cabinets and drawers are a must. Think about where you will put things like glasses, spirit and wine bottles, bar accessories and dishes, among other things. Get Large’s Furniture to help you design the perfect storage for the bar. 

Add Style With Design

Once you have the practicalities out of the way, you can then think about what you want the space to look like. What colour do you want the countertops, the cabinets and the wooden features? Where do you want your options including draft beer supplies? These designer features will help your bar to look amazing, and ensure that it quickly becomes a source of envy to your friends and neighbours. 

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Bar

If this has been a dream of yours for a long time, then you may have ambitions that can’t really be met in the space you have available. What Large’s Furniture can do is make an amazing bar, with all the cabinets your Rockhampton location needs, without breaking the budget. To find out what we can do for you, contact us today.