Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating Your Kitchen

It’s bathrooms and kitchens that renovators are most keen on because other than enhancing and updating the house for the current occupants, it also adds to the resale value of the property.

Although it’s kitchens that homeowners will remodel before a bathroom because it’s not something for the faint-hearted. Before you embark on this project it is good to bear a few points in mind, remembering that it’s far more difficult to undo what’s already done when it comes to kitchen décor.

A kitchen remodel isn’t like a bedroom or reception area where it’s mostly about a few licks of paint or some interesting tiles on the wall or carpets on the floor – kitchen renovations involve a lot of fixtures, which are there to stay until they are ripped and renewed.


Functionality combined with style should be in play here. It should also be in keeping with the overall theme of your home. We at Large’s have a wide range of styles from natural timber to high-gloss laminate. There will definitely be a range for you. Once you have decided on what look is right for your new kitchen we will lead you through the design bearing in mind you and your family’s specific needs.


These should follow the lead of the fixtures – chrome and stainless steel in contemporary clean designs would be in place with a modern kitchen; burnished or brass-effect fittings would work in homes with a distinct cottage style. Choose the fittings you like, or if you’d like some inspiration, we’ll make some suggestions.


The choices here are endless from solid timber through to engineered stone. Take into account what you’ve chosen for the units and door fronts and this should provide you with clues on how to go forward with your bench tops and surfaces. If you have splashed out on your units in, let’s say real timber or granite then a basic laminate top isn’t going to go.


Spare some extra thought to how this is going to work in your kitchen renovation scheme. There should be illuminating light over countertops, cookers and food prep surfaces. Under-cabinet lighting is a good choice and it is more affordable than you might think. Our sub-contractor electricians work in all our bespoke kitchens in Rockhampton, so you don’t have to worry about that bit yourself.


Your storage options can be custom-made to fit your kitchen and lifestyle. A wide variety of quality accessories are available such as Lazy Susans for corner cupboards, slide out pantry units, bins etc.


Appliances that break up the overall flow of the kitchen are things of the past – we’ll work with you and your appliance choices to custom-fit everything from the dishwasher to the tumble dryer.

For a free quote and consultation, give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.

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