Coordinating Your Commercial Kitchen Fit-out

Coordinating Your Commercial Kitchen Fit-out

Are you struggling with coordinating your kitchen fit-out? Project managing a kitchen fit-out, especially if you’re trying to run your business at the same time, can be a challenge. Here we consider some ways to make the fit-out process more streamlined, as well as take a look at the various contractors you’ll need to be lined up to make your fit-out project a success. Finally, we give you the low-down on current commercial kitchen trends, giving you some inspiration for your fit-out project.

Streamlining your fit-out process

Fit-out to meet your strategic priorities

The finished fit-out should provide the environment you need to grow your business. This means being clear on what your business objectives are over the next few years. From this, you can work out what’s going to be essential in your re-fit to achieve your aims.

For example, if you’re planning to grow the takeaway aspect of your business (which is a common trend at the moment, due to pandemic restrictions and increased home socialising), then you’re probably not going to need a dishwasher that’s designed for a constant stream of front-of-house crockery and cutlery.

Plan the process!

It goes without saying that planning is critical to the success of the project. Many people find that some form of project management software can help them plan a fit-out more effectively.

Set a realistic budget and stick to it

Once you have identified what your strategic priorities are, you’ll have a good idea of what the “must-haves” are in your fit-out. Once you’ve budgeted for those, it’s time to consider whether there’s anything left over for the “would likes”. Don’t over-commit!

Consider hiring a project manager or professional fit-out company

Professional project management for your fit-out is frequently more economical than you might think. Professionals have a wealth of tips and tricks to keep your project costs low, as well as the expertise to steer your re-fit successfully from start to finish.

If you’re running a business and want to delegate the fit-out to a team you can trust, it’s worth looking at contracting the work out.

What sub-contractors are involved in a commercial fit-out?

You can usually expect to need the following tradies for your project. If you’ve contracted the work out, the company you use may sub-contract to their preferred tradies.


You will need:

  • An electrician
  • A builder (if you need walls erecting or knocking through, or an extension, for example)
  • A supplier of commercial kitchen equipment for new, used or rented equipment
  • A plasterer
  • A plumber
  • You may also possibly need a kitchen designer and fitter

Current commercial kitchen fit-out trends

  • Energy-efficiency is a key focus for 2021.
  • Kitchens are increasingly being adapted for take-out catering, due to changes in consumer habits.
  • Kitchen equipment rental is on the rise, to enable flexible responses to unstable consumer demand.
  • A rise in SMART technology; equipment that will work automatically reduces labour costs.