Best Kitchen Cabinet Colour Combinations

Best Kitchen Cabinet Colour Combinations

Whether you’re designing your new kitchen or renovating and redesigning an existing one, one of the most important aspects is choosing the colours for your kitchen cabinets. Considering such a large area of the kitchen is dominated by the cupboards and drawers, it’s crucial to make sure you get the colours just right.

Every colour is associated with a mood so one of the crucial questions to ask yourself is how you would like to feel while you are actually in the kitchen. It’s a great idea to create a shortlist of elements that need to be considered when choosing your colours. You can discuss these elements with your cabinet makers in Rockhampton, their experience in the industry means they are well equipped to provide feedback and advice.

For the best kitchen cabinet colour combinations, your shortlist should consider:


Choose your colour with great care, this can literally make the difference between a room you love being in and one you
don’t want to spend any time in. Think about your personality for this one, since you will more than likely be spending a lot of time in the space. Some general associations between mood and colour include: 

  • Bold, striking, dramatic & confident – deep shades of reds, greens, black, or yellow
  • Soft, subtle, calming & muted – pastels in pink, apricot, yellow, beige, light blue, or green
  • Complementary & contrasting pairings – yellow & grey, black & white, purple & beige, or grey & white
  • Crisp, modern & on-trend – clean shades of white, blues, or greens
  • Sophisticated, luxurious & elegant – cool whites, greys or golds
  • Vibrant and vivid – light and bright citrus, lime, lemon, orange, or tangerine

Style Of Your Home

Is your home modern, contemporary, country, coastal, industrial, or a combination of styles? Tie the style of your kitchen cabinets into the overall style of your home for a sense of uniformity.

Your Home's Colour Palette

Each room in your home, including the kitchen, should flow harmoniously into the next. This is easily achieved by using a colour palette to tie the house together.

Natural Light

consider how the natural light in the room will affect the colour, for instance, if you choose dark colours and there is not a lot of natural light, the room could look and feel dark and drab. However, if there is a lot of natural light those same dark colours can create a sleek and sophisticated look. Again, your cabinet makers in Rockhampton can provide some insight into this aspect.

Size Of The Space

The right colours will make a small kitchen look and feel bigger and a large kitchen look and feel warm and welcoming.

For professional advice on kitchen cabinet colour options or to arrange a consultation, contact our friendly team at Large’s Furniture Cabinet Makers.