What Is DIY Custom Cabinetry?

What Is DIY Custom Cabinetry?

If you’re wanting to update your kitchen, why not consider flat pack custom cabinetry? DIY cabinets are incredibly easy and efficient to design and install, and best of all, they look great. Take advantage of the innovative storage features on offer with custom cabinetry design – read on to learn more about what benefits it’ll offer your kitchen space.

Reduces installation costs

With DIY custom cabinetry, you’ll save money on professional installation because you’ll install the cabinets yourself. This will really reduce labour hire costs, though you’ll still need help from a tradie to connect your services. Our custom cabinetry products are designed with your budget in mind – but they don’t compromise on aesthetics or style.

Saves time

Flat pack custom cabinetry will help you save time on installation. We’re able to deliver your new cabinets quickly and directly to your door. Our team is on hand to listen to your requirements and make sure we accommodate your schedule.

Customised to your particular needs

If you think DIY custom cabinetry is “one-size-fits-all”, think again. Custom kitchen cabinetry can be individually tailored to your particular design and functional requirements. Our cabinet-making and design experts can help you create a kitchen that’s completely your own. The possibilities truly are endless, and we’ll work with you to help you choose the particular cabinetry, flooring and tiling you need to complete your space.

Made from high-quality materials

Although DIY custom cabinetry comes in a box, that doesn’t mean it’s poor quality. Our custom cabinetry is made to impress and crafted from outstanding materials designed to last.

How to install your custom cabinetry

After you receive your custom cabinetry products, all that’s left is to install them! You’ll need a variety of tools and materials on hand, such as a builder’s pencil, caulking gun, electric drill, tape measure, step ladder, clamps, and safety gear. Our products come with handy installation instructions, giving you the details and straightforward steps all in one place. We suggest having a friend on hand to help you with the installation – it will really help the job fly by! And don’t forget – if you need any plumbing, gas, or electrical work, this needs to be carried out by a qualified tradesperson.

Interested in DIY custom cabinetry?

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