Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2020

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2020

Top Kitchen Design Trends This Year

If you have a look at kitchens in Rockhampton, you might notice that there are certain design elements and decor options that are trending at the moment.

If you want the most up to date kitchen in the town, it pays to watch for these trends so you can incorporate them into your own space.

When it comes to cabinets, you need Large’s Furniture Cabinet Makers on your side. We construct high quality and durable cabinets to fit any kitchen space.

Keep reading to find out what the current kitchen trends are in Rockhampton.

Smart Devices

Modern kitchens are loaded with smart devices to make your life easier. Unlike many years ago, you can now control what goes on in your kitchen, even when you aren’t home.

You can use your smartphone to get dinner started in the slow cooker, you can preheat the oven on your way home from work and can even control the lights, all with the tap of a button.

Clean Countertops

There was a time when displaying all of your cooking gadgets, from the coffee pot to the blender, was considered the thing to do. Now, however, clean lines and a more minimalist look is popular. That means you need sleek cabinets to store all of your things so that they aren’t out taking up space and cluttering up your kitchen design.

Wood or Tile Floors

Linoleum is a thing of the past and you won’t find it anywhere in a modern kitchen. Instead, these days are seeing the rising popularity of timber floors or tile on the kitchen.

There are many options to choose from in this regard and we can help you match your cabinets to the flooring you’ve chosen whether it’s a warm wooden tone or a fancy set of floor tiles that add colour and pattern to your space.

Custom Kitchens

Gone are the days of buying something off the shelf for your kitchen design. These days, homeowners are increasingly opting for custom kitchens, something we can help you with.

We can help you design a space that is both functional and great looking so that you have a kitchen that you can use, but that also looks beautiful. Designing your own kitchen is the way to go these days.

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Now that you know what all the latest trends are in kitchens in Rockhampton, you’re probably ready to makeover your kitchen. Browse our site for inspiration and call Large’s Furniture makers today for a free quote.