Cabinet Maker’s Guide To Saving Kitchen Space

Cabinet Maker’s Guide To Saving Kitchen Space

Out of all the rooms in your home, it’s fair to say that the kitchen is the place where most storage needs to be considered. From food storage to equipment storage and everything else that tends to end up in a kitchen, people always need much more room in the kitchen than they initially think.

Here at Large’s Furniture, we think that anything and everything can be achieved when you know how to best utilise your kitchen space. Direct from cabinet makers in Rockhampton, here are some of the best tips of the trade for saving all-important kitchen space.

Smaller Kitchen Appliances

If you live by yourself or with just one other person, then you don’t need to be buying appliances that have space and storage for an entire large family.

Be careful with what you choose to place in your kitchen. The smaller appliances on the market these days pack just as much power as the larger ones. Keep countertop appliances to the minimum you need.

Hanging Utensils

One recent trend is to affix a hanging storage unit on your kitchen wall that can then be used to house all of your various utensils and even some smaller sized pots and pans.

This helps to free up valuable cupboard and drawer space, and also encourages you to wash your utensils as you use them so that you can hang them straight back up on the wall.

Custom Cabinets

There will always be a member of the trained and experienced team on hand to answer any questions that you might have relating to your own kitchen needs.

We strive to solve any kind of problem that you have, always willing and ready to make suggestions for custom cabinets and other types of storage that can help to fix your issues. For more kitchen design and cabinet making advice, read our latest blogs and get in touch today.